How to book
Fill out these questions:
– Describe your idea as specific as possible
– Where on your body do you want the tattoo
– Which size (in cm)
– Which style (black and grey, color, lines, dotwork)
– Send as much examples as possible and tell me what you like and don’t like about them.
– When would like to make an appointment (weekdays, weekends, asap, other)

Design process
1 Send above info to, you’ll get an email back and maybe some questions about the design.
2 I’ll give you a time and price quote and available dates.
3 Choose a day and transfer the deposit by PayPay, bank or cash in the shop.
4 We will email you and let you know what the next steps are. If needed and/or when we still have questions about the design we will email you about the design. You don’t have to email us.

* If needed I will send the line drawing of the design by email, about one week prior to the appointment, not sooner.
* If I don’t send the design then it means that the difficult level is not that high and we can make adjustments, if needed, on the day of the appointment.
* The design that I will send is a line drawing and not the finished result. Trust my vision that it will match your idea.
* I make unique tattoos and don’t copy one on one from a tattoo example.
* I don’t tattoo a design twice that I custom made for a client and I will create a new version for you.
* You can still send new information within 3 days after booking your appointment. After those 3 days, if I already started designing, costs may be added.
* If needed we will contact you.

* It is always better to stop by the shop to discuss your ideas. You can walk-in (and hope I have time) or make an appointment for a free consult
* We don’t design without a booked appointment and a deposit.
* Do you want an extension on your existing tattoo, send a clear photo of your existing tattoo.
* Is it a cover tattoo, send a photo of your existing tattoo and examples of what you would like to have. I will see what the possibilities of these examples are to cover your existing tattoo.
* Is it a cover, send the sizes in length and width of your existing tattoo in CM.